The Smarter Way to Drive Your Actions

The Smarter Way to Drive Your Actions
Focused Analysis. Smarter Execution. Tactical Intelligence.

With a focus on business intelligence, Albridge Analytics, a division of Albridge, a BNY Mellon company, offers three major innovative business technology solutions: Distribution Management System, Intelligent Dashboard™ and Asset Manager Assessment Solution.

Albridge Analytics gives organizations a distinct competitive edge by developing accurate strategies and executing specific actions that are guided by day-to-day operational oversight. We know first-hand how and why financial organizations use data.


Gain secure anytime, anywhere access to data and analytical tools through this comprehensive, Web-based, modular solution.

Assign, delegate and monitor your asset manager relationships, reducing time spent on traditional methods of due diligence and oversight.

Monitor your firm's key performance indicators and make fact-based decisions on your tactical and strategic objectives.