Analytics for Distribution Management

Need more accurate and intelligent ways to drive your business growth?

Albridge Analytics takes your firm's reporting to the next level with high-level business intelligence and analysis tools. With our solutions, you make better decisions, improve execution and increase efficiency.

  • Access key business metrics quickly without any technology requests
  • Identify trends and issues from the national level to individual advisors
  • Review data for multiple programs and platforms, breaking down silos
  • Understand an asset manager's business across multiple platforms

Albridge Analytics' tools will specifically enable to you:

  • Generate scorecards, top-level reporting, revenue projections, resource allocation and industry overviews
  • Identify product gaps, flows, shelf-space analysis and competitive analysis for advisory platform managers
  • Provide detailed metrics of asset management partners’ performance, highlighting opportunities for professional education
  • Evaluate product and platform trends at the territory, branch and advisor levels, and marketing campaigns for sales teams


Gain secure anytime, anywhere access to data and analytical tools through this comprehensive, Web-based, modular solution.

Assign, delegate and monitor your asset manager relationships, reducing time spent on traditional methods of due diligence and oversight.

Monitor your firm's key performance indicators and make fact-based decisions on your tactical and strategic objectives.