Gain Business Intelligence Insights

Firms are often dealing with information kept in multiple systems.

Client profiles, transaction and service requests, compliance and operations data, and other information are often difficult to combine and understand. Albridge easily connects to these multiple data sources, so that you can finally have a complete view of your business tailored to the information needs of each function.

Albridge offers powerful solutions to consolidate all your data into one enterprise-wide repository, helping you make informed decisions in a fast-paced marketplace.

Through Albridge Business Intelligence, your firm can:

  • Integrate multiple silos of information across your core business lines
  • Enable standard and ad hoc reporting to support a wide range of business functions
  • Choose from an in-house database or outsourced maintenance and hosting
  • Identify promising opportunities by using innovative proprietary predictive models
  • Access integrated analytics, such as profitability at the product, client, or advisor level
  • Support marketing, finance, operations, compliance and senior management decision-making