Business Intelligence Solutions

Financial Services Knowledge Combined With Business Intelligence Expertise

Albridge’s heritage in delivering unmatched data accuracy and quality, combined with our in-depth knowledge of the financial services industry, enable us to offer an integrated suite of business intelligence solutions designed for financial organizations. Our comprehensive Business Intelligence¬†suite is fully integrated, so deployment is quick and easy, without compromising functionality.

Albridge centralizes many types of data into one enterprise repository—realizing savings from eliminating needless duplication of systems, data and processes while protecting the security and integrity of data. Our Business Intelligence solution will help you unlock the value that is often hidden or inaccessible within data, including:

  • Historical view of assets under management (AUM)—by product, asset class, fund company and advisor
  • Trends in asset flows and transactions to pinpoint opportunities
  • Segmentation analysis to ensure the profiles of advisors and clients are aligned with your strategy
  • Profitability of products, advisors and clients

Industry Perspectives


Albridge Management Reports

Access to a privileged report writer allows users to select from a variety of reports and filters to meet the needs of the distribution chain—from regional sales directors to branch managers and investment professionals.

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Albridge Data Warehouse

A turnkey solution that is preloaded with Albridge data, custom data and pre-defined business intelligence reports. The solution allows users to create and share reports and perform predictive analytics and "what-if" scenario modeling.

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Albridge Replicated Data

Access to a set of files that enables your organization to create your own consolidated repository of investor centric accounts, transactions, and positions data or integrate with an existing business intelligence suite.

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Distribution Management System

Gain secure anytime, anywhere access to data and analytical tools through this comprehensive, Web-based, modular solution.

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Intelligent Dashboard™

Monitor your firm's key performance indicators and make fact-based decisions on your tactical and strategic objectives.

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