Enterprise Data Management

Your Data is a Key Strategic Asset

Albridge Enterprise Data Management helps financial organizations unlock the tremendous value that is often hidden or inaccessible within their data.

Albridge collects, consolidates and delivers client account information from hundreds of data sources, representing banking, brokerage, insurance, trust and 401(k) assets. From this, we deliver a single client view to the advisor. Our solutions help redefine how data is uniformly managed and made accessible and useable across financial organizations.

  • Increases visibility of funding sources, such as balances in bank accounts and money funds
  • Enhances the accuracy and value of allocation programs by covering more assets
  • Helps to identify other key relationships in clients' lives
  • Enables fee-based advice covering more wallet share and multiple accounts
  • Identifies cross-sell and service expansion opportunities that deepen client relationships

Industry Perspectives


Albridge Replicated Data

Access to a consolidated repository of transaction and position information from multiple back-office and legacy systems. You will realize savings from eliminating duplication of systems, data and processes.

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Albridge File Delivery

Retrieve data files directly from Albridge on a predefined schedule. Albridge partners have the flexibility to insert this data into their applications to increase usability of their proprietary systems.

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