Distribution Executives

Spending too much time gathering intelligence for sales and marketing platforms?

Most distribution executives do not focus on their most fruitful opportunities. With Albridge Analytics™, you can target sales efforts, produce effective competitive analysis, evaluate your salespeople, identify at-risk assets and react faster to major shifts in product and style usage.

Albridge Analytics solutions will help you to:

  • Perform sales forecasting, head counts, revenue projections, resource allocations and industry snapshots
  • Create executive scorecards to show top performing firms and products by sales and assets under management
  • Run trend reports to gather historical data and visually display flow
  • Analyze asset and sales trends by firm or product across geographic regions
  • Identify cross-selling opportunities and target marketing initiatives


Gain secure anytime, anywhere access to data and analytical tools through this comprehensive, Web-based, modular solution.

Assign, delegate and monitor your asset manager relationships, reducing time spent on traditional methods of due diligence and oversight.

Monitor your firm's key performance indicators and make fact-based decisions on your tactical and strategic objectives.