A Management Focus on Maximizing Value

In today’s industry, assets under management drive the value of financial organizations. But all assets are not equally valuable.

Management understands that assets are most valuable when client relationships are strong—as evidenced by increasing cross-sales, multiple accounts, rising wallet share and steady referrals. These metrics usually translate into recurring revenues over multi-year periods—and higher valuations for financial organizations or business units.

To achieve strategic goals, management requires business intelligence and advisor reporting powered by high quality data to steer the firm and its advisors in a positive direction.

From profitability to operational efficiency to advisor performance, Albridge offers solutions to make sure management is on top of its game, offering:

  • Configurable reports that provide an overview of daily, weekly and monthly activities
  • Ability to track advisor and team sales versus pre-determined goals and metrics
  • Client segmentation analysis, to identify attractive target markets and sales campaign opportunities
  • Patterns in individual advisor business activity, which managers can use in focusing reviews and coaching