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As a leading provider of performance reporting solutions, the Albridge team offers the industry’s deepest experience in developing performance reporting technology and understanding of industry standards.

Paul Camuto
Paul CamutoVice President, Product Manager
Expert In:  Performance Reporting 
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Rethinking Advisory Productivity Through a Client's Eyes
What does productivity mean to your clients? What level of detail, overview or explanation do they need to maximize their hour of quality time with you? To know what they want, you have to ask.

Robert Costantino
Robert CostantinoVice President, Senior Business Architect
Expert In:  Performance Reporting
Trevor Davies
Trevor DaviesVice President, Senior Business Architect
Expert In:  Performance Reporting
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Unlocking Performance Reporting Standards
In life and in technology, we often use a "workaround" to solve a problem--even when a better solution exists. Take performance reporting, for example. Relying on stored performance for securities, as many firms do, can be effective for time-weighted performance; less so for money-weighted performance. Albridge Wealth Reporting produces more accurate results through calculating "just in time" performance at run time from positions, transactions and prices. Improvements continue, especially for larger portfolios. Read more to find out how Albridge Wealth Reporting sets a new standard for the industry.

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Cash-Flow Adjusted Benchmarks for Client Performance Reporting
Benchmarks typically benefit investors by showing the return a portfolio would have achieved as compared to another portfolio. Used improperly, however, benchmarks could suggest the portfolio manager is far worse or better than he or she actually is.

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Discussing Risk With Investors: A Fresh Look
Understanding risk can be much easier for clients if you take them beyond the numbers.

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The Myths of GIPS®: Money-Weighted Returns for Client Performance Reporting
When measuring performance, results can differ depending on whether money-weighting or time-weighting is used. The time-weighted Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) are often viewed as an industry best practice. As a result, GIPS are often applied to all business models. However, money-weighting may actually be the more appropriate way to accurately measure performance.

Marissa Madiara
Marissa MadiaraAssistant Vice President, Product Manager
Expert In:  Performance Reporting
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Using Technology to Expand Your Practice
Advisors are looking for technology to differentiate themselves. They also want to make their practices, and their lives, more efficient. Albridge Wealth Reporting™ (AWR - a Web-based solution) consolidates client account data from hundreds of diverse sources, giving an advisor the ability to access important client information instantly--from anywhere, at anytime.

Tom Sullivan
Tom SullivanDirector of Relationship Management, Product Management and Sales
Expert In:  Enterprise Data ManagementPerformance Reporting and Interoperability
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Real-time Portfolio Performance and Risk Reports for All Investors
To retain their "trusted" status, financial professionals must provide investors with complete information—or risk losing them. Demonstrate your value to clients by providing a personalized rate of return. Let Albridge show you how.