Success Stories

Albridge maintains extensive experience working with leading financial services organizations supporting diverse business models.

Our perspectives on technology trends, compliance issues and practice management developments help you manage dynamic market fluctuations and capture opportunities.

  • Embracing Environmental Responsibility: Going Paperless with Pershing and Albridge

    Case Study: Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC
    9/19/2011 - As a full-service insurance and investment provider, Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC conducts a broad spectrum of payment processing and transaction management activities. In an industry that typically produces an overwhelming amount of paperwork, Northwestern Mutual is committed to reducing energy consumption and preserving the environment. As a result, the company has embraced several "paperless" initiatives, including implementing an electronic document storage system and launching an aggressive client paper suppression campaign.

  • Workflow Solutions Create a Scalable Business

    Case Study: M&T Securities
    9/19/2011 - M&T Securities expanded its presence and introduced new products and processes into the brokerage operations. As its product and client base grew, so did the amount of labor-intensive manual processes. The M&T Securities management team engaged Albridge to examine workflow and develop recommendations to improve efficiency.