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Albridge Wealth Reporting

Albridge Wealth Reporting is an award-winning*, innovative solution that allows advisors to present a complete, holistic view of client assets—even those held away.

Albridge Wealth Reporting: Holistic Wealth Reporting

Albridge Wealth Reporting aggregates data from hundreds of sources to provide a consolidated view of assets.

Through an easy-to-use dashboard interface, advisors can access household, account and security level performance information on demand, for any time period. They also can view benchmarks, holdings and allocations. The PDF Capture function allows firms to help meet compliance and regulatory guidelines. Responsive design means that advisors can access up-to-date reporting from a mobile device.

This Award-winning* Solution Helps Advisors Present a Complete Financial Picture

Standard and blended benchmarks
Standard and blended benchmarks
Household, account and security level performance
Household, account and security level performance
Simple navigation and global smart search
Simple navigation and global smart search
Help meet compliance and regulatory guidelines
Helps meet compliance and regulatory guidelines


There are a lot of decisions to be made when you're considering the jump to independence.

We should be the easiest one you make.

If you are considering following a fully independent RIA route—you can benefit from continued client access with no interruptions through Albridge Wealth Reporting*. With office-level or single seat pricing options available, advisors can continue to access complete performance reporting solutions and provide client benchmark data going back to the inception of the relationship. And with our collaborative support model, independence won’t leave you feeling alone.

Albridge has relationships with the leading custodial platforms and deep integration with many of the technology solutions rated most highly on advisors' “Must-Have” lists. Transitioning to independence is a big step; our goal is to help ease the process with advisor-friendly solutions.

*subject to broker-dealer approval

Albridge Portability

Quarterly Performance Reporting

Accurate performance reporting is an integral part of the wealth management business and is an expectation of your clients. Our enterprise Quarterly Performance Reporting solution provides access to a comprehensive performance reporting package that covers performance, asset allocation, holdings analysis, transactions, benchmarking and more. This value-added service enables your firm to generate reports based on a defined list of accounts or portfolios to meet advisor and client needs.

Quarterly Performance Reporting

Focused on Consolidated Data

Our solutions consolidate multi-custodial client account data from hundreds of sources. This way, advisors can analyze and report investor performance at the individual holding, asset class, account or household levels on demand—for any time period.

We offer personalized rate-of-return calculations, configurable reporting packages and flexible delivery. Choose one or all of our performance reporting solutions. Or, you can leverage our data consolidation and performance calculation methods to deliver performance data through your own systems and reporting solutions.

Learn how one firm uses Albridge Quarterly Performance Reporting to show detailed information for multiple investment options, including separately managed accounts.

Transparency: Better Reporting Leads to Better Relationships

Replicated Data

Albridge provides a secure, cost-effective means of receiving consolidated, normalized and cleansed transactions from multiple custodial and legacy systems to feed into proprietary or third-party applications.

Data That Powers Your Critical Business Applications

Albridge consolidates transactional-level data from both legacy systems and external custodians using direct data feeds. It also follows a tested and proven process to cleanse, normalize and reconcile the information. This eliminates the integrity issues that occur when working with multiple data sets, and offers the flexibility to create an enterprise data warehouse for your firm.

Replicated Data

Albridge File Delivery

Retrieve data files directly from Albridge on a predefined schedule. Albridge clients and third-party providers have the flexibility to insert this data into their applications to increase usability of their proprietary systems.

Albridge File Delivery

Predefined schedule: A single client view

Albridge collects, consolidates and delivers client account information from hundreds of data sources, representing banking, brokerage, insurance, trust and 401(k) assets. From this, on a predefined schedule, a consolidated single client view is delivered. Albridge File Delivery includes information on investors, accounts, holdings, transactions, performance and more.

*Top Performance Reporting Solution, Financial Planning (2010, 2011); Top Advisor Tech Tool, InvestmentNews (2012, 2013, 2014) and Outstanding Contribution in Wealth Reporting (2015),

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