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Data Aggregation

To guide your clients toward their ultimate financial goals, you need a complete picture of their assets. Albridge Data Aggregation affords a holistic view of each client's entire portfolio, including held-away assets. Armed with this information, advisors can sharpen financial strategies and build stronger client relationships.

Albridge is the industry leader in aggregating enterprise multi-custodial, insurance and direct-to-fund data from hundreds of data sources to provide a consolidated view of assets. Our platform collects and consolidates information relating to over 48 million client accounts representing over $4 trillion in assets. Our relentless focus on data quality means our clients can rely on timely, accurate and complete information. Learn more about how we manage data.

A 360-degree View of Your Client's Entire Portfolio

Our solutions help redefine how data is managed and used across financial organizations. Albridge integrates with Morningstar® ByAllAccountsSM and AllData Advisor® from Fiserv to supplement account aggregation—with advisor / investor access to thousands of financial institutions—to provide a complete view of the client's portfolio.

  • Increases visibility of funding sources, such as balances in bank accounts and money funds
  • Enhances the accuracy and value of allocation programs by covering more assets
  • Helps to identify other key relationships in clients' lives
  • Expands an advisory relationship, allowing an advisor to potentially gain wallet share
  • Identifies cross-sell and service expansion opportunities that deepen client relationships
Albridge Data Aggregation

Data Quality Benchmarking

Our Data Quality Benchmark scorecards provides data quality metrics at the client, data source and product company level.

Albridge Data Quality Benchmark

Leading the Way in Data Accuracy and Quality

Our Data Quality Benchmark scorecards are designed to give financial institutions a clear picture on the quality of their data included on Albridge Wealth Reporting relative to their market segment. Our goal is to set a standard for data quality throughout the industry, by measuring data quality at the client, data source and product company level. We believe a focus on data quality, and collaboration with leading firms in the industry, will benefit investors through increased transparency and metrics to drive higher quality standards.

Find out more about our commitment to Data Excellence [PDF]

Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse

Our Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse solution enables data driven business insights while eliminating information silos and protecting the security and integrity of data.

Organize, Access and Analyze Data

Our Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse solution is a turnkey multi-custodial data warehouse loaded with Albridge and Pershing data, hosted and managed by Albridge. Through consolidating data into one enterprise repository, firms make better use of multiple streams of information. At a firm level, information hierarchies can be managed and updated centrally. Custom data feeds can be integrated into the platform, and firms can access ad hoc reporting tools, dashboards and pre-defined reports for each business function within a firm. At the same time, secure access to information can be granted based on user-defined permissions.

Data Warehousing

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