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With a focus on business intelligence, Albridge Analytics offers three major business technology solutions: Distribution Management System, Asset Manager Assessment Solution and Intelligent Dashboard.

Albridge Analytics knows first-hand how and why financial organizations use data. We give organizations a distinct competitive edge by developing accurate strategies, tackling complexity with actionable solutions and day-to-day operational oversight.

Distribution Management System

The Distribution Management System combines comprehensive industry data into effective data visualization dashboards and reports that empower financial service executives to make actionable business intelligence decisions. In today’s competitive landscape, Albridge Analytics provides your firm with data analytics that answer key questions and help produce successful results.

Distribution Management System from Albridge Analytics

An Intelligent, More Accurate Way to Drive Business Growth

Financial services executives know you cannot be successful if you make decisions without essential data and execute without tactical guidance.

The Distribution Management System is a sophisticated, web-based, modular solution that gives you secure anytime, anywhere access to critical data and powerful analytical tools. Your organization can assess options and execute with confidence in today's competitive landscape.

Asset Manager Assessment Solution

Assign, delegate and monitor your periodic due diligence questionnaires for asset managers, while reducing time spent on traditional methods of due diligence and oversight.

An Automated Oversight Tool

Subadvisor Certification

For asset managers who impose rigorous requirements for subadvisor approval, Albridge Analytics has engineered an innovative solution to help you carry out this important task. Your compliance staff will have better analytics and reporting and enhanced risk mitigation. You will spend less time and fewer resources certifying managers—all in a secured and controlled environment.

Subadvisor Certification fact sheet [PDF]

Investment Manager Assessment

This solution is for broker-dealers seeking to continuously evaluate their investment managers and easily search for managers offering unique value for their clients' assets. The Investment Manager Assessment solution will provide your firm with a customizable turnkey solution featuring an automated Request for Proposal (RFP) process, manager onboarding capability and ongoing manager due diligence.

Investment Manager Assessment fact sheet [PDF]

Intelligent Dashboard

Helps monitor your firm's key performance indicators and make fact-based decisions on your tactical and strategic objectives.

Monitor Your Firm's Key Performance Indicators

Intelligent Dashboard is a secure, web-based system that quickly and easily turns massive amounts of data into fact-based decisions to address your tactical and strategic issues. The dashboard provides an intuitive balanced scorecard that monitors your firm's key performance indicators, so you can manage your business more effectively.

Intelligent Dashboard fact sheet [PDF]

Intelligent Dashboard

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